A well-received water treatment program

During our second implementation trip in June 2014, Anh Nguyen, Jack Naidoo, and Nolan Mazur trained several kiosk operators in the safe and proper handling and dilution of concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution. Our team worked with the Usalama water board to confirm that KIMAWASCO would periodically have bulk drums of concentrated hypochlorite available at a reduced rate.

Reports from Jackson, our community contact and one of the village elders, indicate that Usalama’s people have welcomed disinfection of their water. They are specifically requesting dosage when they walk up to each kiosk, and there have been no complaints over disagreeable taste due to chlorination. Proper dosing ensures that taste is minimal. Additionally, chlorination is sometimes met with suspicion in rural communities, where concern can develop over a new chemical being added to water. Due to EWB-NY’s effort to thoroughly educate the community about the benefits of chlorination, the whole village seems to be on board with the program.

In short, disinfection of Usalama’s water looks to have been a success – and is the exclamation point for EWB-NY’s water distribution rehab in the village. Our future monitoring trip will feature another health survey – and we hope to see a positive effect on Usalama’s overall health.

-Patrick Farnham

January 22, 2015

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