About Misuuni Kenya

Misuuni Village is about 70 kilometers southeast of Nairobi, located in an Arid and Semi-Arid region of East Africa. 



Below is a map of Misuuni with important locations highlighted. (Credit to: NYU-Poly)



Yellow: School
Red Cross: Health Center
Blue: Rivers access points
1- Kathaana River
2- Muvaa River

3-Mvaa River

Green: Existing Boreholes

1- School Borehole
2- Patrick Mailang’a’s Borehole
3- Manos Borehole

Purple: Dam
1-Usiumu Dam
2- Misuuni Dam
3- Mbiti Dam

Red: Proposed Water Taps (except for Manos water point)
1- Miumbuni Water Point
2- Kavoi Water Point
3- Ngatata Water Point
4- Ngiti Water Point
5- Manos Water Point