About The Team

EWB-NY is partnering with two organizations in Rwanda: Goodneighbors Management Committee, and the Women Development Connection (WDC). Goodneighbors is a community-based organization made up of farming cooperative members. WDC is a Rwanda-based NGO that aims to assist in community development efforts across the country.

EWB-NY Rubaya Team

ewbny_travel_team.JPGThe Rubaya Team is made of professionals based in New York City who work in design, construction, finance, non-profit, government, consulting, and more. Our team members work on technical design, development project evaluation and monitoring, fundraising, marketing, and health and safety as part of a holistic project delivery system.   



goodneighbors_management_committee_board.JPGGoodneighbors Management Committee is the community-based organization (CBO) that EWB-NY has partnered with for this project. Goodneighbors is a maize farming cooperative comprised of about 200 Rubaya sector community members who "work together by helping each other manage community activities and participate in the ongoing processes that allow Goodneighbors community members and those of surrounding communities to realize their physical, spiritual, and developmental aspirations either collectively or individually and to provide a path for personal development with a special emphasis on women." 

Women Development Connection

women_development_connection_members.JPGThe Women Development Connection (WDC) is a Rwanda-based NGO whose mission "is to work together with partners to create a positive societal attitude that will promote the socio-economic development of women in Rwandan rural areas." The WDC aspires to exercise its activities throughout Rwanda and aims to partner with other community development organizations by beginning to facilitate a variety of training and education programs to promote socio-economic health in rural areas. The WDC recognizes that persistent poverty, severe diseases, and other socio-economic problems hinder development in rural Rwanda, especially for women, and have decided to combat these issues by cultivating patriotism and community development through various education efforts. These programs include support for Rwandan women in rural areas by teaching information, communication, and technology (ICT) skills, fighting ignorance through adult education and literacy programs, and enhancing human rights through gender equality, family planning, and HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis education.


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