Assessment Trip | Field Notes from January 12, 2016

On January 12th, the team met with a machinery provider, Orange Milling Machinery, and the Rubaya Standards Board to see what would fit the needs of the Rubaya community. The team also continued to have conversations with Rubaya community members!

Volunteer Spotlight: Matt O'Grady (pictured below) serves as the Mechanical Sub Team lead on the Rubaya EWB team. His mission on this trip is to obtain the specifications for the machinery and design parameters for the processing plant's energy and water resources. He is a mechanical engineer from Queens, NY.


Matt O'Grady outside of a Kigali store.

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Matt and Aaron meet with the head engineer of Orange Milling Machinery to discuss the available processing units.


Matt and Aaron get prices for construction tools and materials at a Kigali hardware store.