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We are currently in the close-out phase of our project, and are not in need of technical help at this time. We are, however, still fundraising for our monitoring trips, and would welcome any help in our efforts! Please contact us if you'd like to help out, if you'd like more information about our project, or for any other reason!

  • commented 2015-07-16 23:04:24 -0400
    Hello EWB-NY Usalama,

    My name is Lucy Lin, and I’m a member of the Engineers without Borders team at Princeton University that works with a community in Muchebe, Kenya. We implemented a rainwater catchment system in August 2014 and are implementing a second in August 2015. During our upcoming implementation trip, we are also hoping to conduct assessment work for future projects.

    The people of Muchebe have expressed a need for a Community Hall, which we would be interested in possibly building. However, we’re fairly new to structural engineering, and we’re looking to learn how to start going about this process. We noticed on your chapter has experience with structures, particularly from your Usalama Primary School Expansion project. We noted that you were involved in the building of classrooms, a community center, and much more. We are interested in learning more about your project and were wondering if you could share with us a any documentation, advice, or information about what it takes to build a community hall. For example, what preliminary steps might you suggest taking? Do you have any manuals that you think would help us start our planning and construction? If so, we would be very grateful for anything that could help us!

    Please contact me at or 8177069771. We’d love to get in contact.

    Thank you so much,

    Lucy Lin