Q: I am not an engineer. Can I still join EWB-NY?

A: Yes. While engineering is at the heart and soul of our organization, every chapter takes a holistic approach to development by incorporating a variety of disciplines into their project teams. Chapters often capitalize on the expertise of anthropologists, educators, statisticians, sociologists, health professionals, and scientists to address both educational and technical aspects of the program. Though not always obvious on the surface, non-engineering aspects like fundraising and marketing are critical to the success of our projects.

 Q: When are the meetings?

A: This depends on the project!  EWB-NY General Body Meetings are held only 4 times a year, but don't let that stop you from reaching out and getting involved! You can check the EWB-NY Events page for the next upcoming meeting, and if you don't see one for a particular project or committee that interests you, reach out to the contact person for that project or committee.

 Q: How much time am I required to commit?

A: Your time commitment is flexible, and is based on your availability and on the needs of your project or committee. While Project and Committee Leads often spend several hours per week on EWB-related tasks, our chapter values contributions of all sizes from each of our members. If you only have a small amount of time to spare, we can still accommodate you and would appreciate what you have to offer.

 Q: I’m not a paid member. Can I attend the meetings?

Of course. We welcome all who want to be brought into the EWB-NY fold. Paid membership is only required for those who actively travel to our partner communities.

 Q: How can I get involved on a project?

First, look over our list of projects. After you’ve identified a project that you might be interested in, check out its blog or homepage information. Then, when you’ve gotten a basic overview of the project, check our EWB-NY Events page and/or contact the Project Lead for the date and time of the next project team meeting.

 Q: What are the requirements for traveling to a country with an EWB-NY project team?

A: A basic requirement to travel on an EWB-USA project is you must be a paying member in good standing of EWB-USA and EWB-NY. Other requirements vary by project and are decided by the Project Lead.

 Q: Is travel a requirement to part of a project?

A: No. You can still participate on projects and help with its design, planning, and implementation from New York City. Chapters also need members skilled in training, mentorship, event planning and fundraising. You can also join one of our committees: Education & Training and Marketing & Outreach.

 Q: Who pays for traveling to the project country?

A: Project teams are responsible for fundraising for travel expenses, including: airfair, in-country transportation, and lodging. Traveling members typically use personal vacation days for travel, unless their employers have a flexible plan for time spent on philanthropic activities.

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