Assessment Trip | Field Notes from January 10, 2016

Day two in Rubaya saw exploration of the land and maize fields that Rubaya cultivates while meeting and interviewing community members to identify and understand the community's need. The team performed initial soil tests alongside the Rubaya community members and had its first meeting with one of our partners, the Women Development Connection.

Volunteer Spotlight: May ElKhattab (pictured below) is a geotechnical engineer on her first EWB trip! Her objective in Rubaya is to obtain structural design parameters and study existing practices for construction. May is an engineer with ARUP in NYC. Also, she is from Lebanon and wasn't able to get her visa approved until 11 hours before departure - close call!


Click below to see more pictures from Day 2!


Digging the test pit for visual manual soil inspection to estimate bearing capacity at the proposed processing facility location.


Children of Rubaya - our team's entourage!