Assessment Trip | Field notes from January 9, 2016

The EWB New York Professionals team landed in Kigali at 2am on January 9th, 2016. Our project partners, Goodneigbors Management Committee and Women Development Connection, sent representatives to pick us up from the airport and drove us to our hotel, the Havila Guest House on Embassy Row. We took the 2-hour drive to Rubaya in the morning where we visited maize plantations and held a town hall meeting with members of Goodneighbors. The community members discussed their history with other NGOs, such as partnering with Save the Children for educational facilities, and forming an agricultural cooperative for dairy production.

In their words, the biggest challenge in promoting development in their community has been access to capital for agriculture projects, which is why the Rubaya community has started communal saving in a cooperative bank. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Mira Armstrong (pictured below) serves as the Project Lead for the Rubaya, Rwanda Maize Flour Processing Plant project. She started volunteering with EWB in 2010 as an undergraduate at Columbia University. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and works for Skanska, managing construction sites in New York City.


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