Fundraising has started!

The team has begun efforts to support travel costs for the implementation trip scheduled for early fall.

Last Saturday, we kicked off our fundraising as a small group of us packed some South African delicacies and made our way to Middletown, New Jersey. Our target? The 2013 Braai and Potjie Contest held by the NY NJ Springbok Club! How? With tons of Samoosas, delicious Bunny Chow, and a raffle prize! Neither the rain nor wind that day could bring the team down, as every bit of support gets us a bit closer to Kenya.

Our own chefs prepared delicious South African local cuisine, which drew a crowd of fans among people who had gathered to show off their Potjie-cooking, eat some Braai, and enjoy some music outside. The Bunny Chow we prepared is an irresistible South African curry served in a holed-out loaf of bread. Everyone loved it so much that we decided to raffle off a set of spices that were used in the recipe so everyone can make their own Bunny Chow!

Overall, we had a wonderful time and learned some valuable lessons to be applied in future fundraising events. We were able to raise a good amount of money and garner interest in our project from the crowd, signifying a great kick-off to our fundraising season.

Thanks to the organization for their support, to all the contributors to the raffle and those who came to enjoy our Bunny Chow. Thanks as well to the special appearances who joined us for the day. Hope to see you next time!

Stay tuned… there are more events to come!

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