Implementation Days 1-5: engineers, thirsty elephants and a new tank

Our first engineers of this trip, Charly Bertran and Matt Sisul, have arrived in Usalama and begun implementation! The past few days have proven to be challenging, with damage to the existing pipeline worse than expected.  As we described in our design update a few posts ago, one of our goals was to help the community repair and protect a portion of pipeline that frequently got damaged by thirsty elephants searching for water.

Constructing the water tank had originally been the first task scheduled, but upon the team’s arrival, it was evident that the pipe was damaged in several locations and the community was not receiving water at the sole two kiosks that normally operate. Repairing the pipeline became a priority so that what Usalama had of their current water system could be restored.  Further delaying the schedule were the thirsty elephants who damaged a portion of the pipeline again, the night after it had been repaired!

The team and the community are continuing to repair and improve protection of the pipeline, by covering it with more soil and stones than before, and mortaring the stone so that it is a more resistant cover to the elephants.  They’ve also begun laying out the foundation of the water tank! Pictures of the Usalama masons and EWB-NY installing an aggregate base, rebar reinforcement, and foundation slab are below:




Stay posted about our progress!


- EWB-NY Usalama




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