World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day, when we recognize the millions around the world who still lack access to clean water, and call out to you to help end this crisis. Here at EWB-NY, we've been doing what we can to contribute to the cause. Check out our updates from our three active projects that work on water issues. 

School children in Misuuni wait to fetch water from the school tank.

Children in Misuuni wait to fetch water from the school tank. 

Rainwater Harvesting Project in Misuuni, Kenya

At the Misuuni and Miumbuni Primary Schools, 1000 student have inadequate drinking water.  The existing rainwater collection system does not collect sufficient water for the students and the water storage is unsanitary.  EWB-NY and community leaders in Misuuni are currently working together to assemble construction drawings and a list of materials for a new rainwater harvesting system.  With your help, we can begin construction in early 2018!  This rainwater harvesting project is part of a broader water improvement program underway in the village of Misuuni, Kenya.  Read more at and please consider donating to the project


Water System Rehabilitation in Usalama, Kenya 
This project involved adding infrastructure to an existing water distribution system to improve water flow.  Our team recently returned from an evaluation trip during which they checked on the status of the rehabilitated water system we implemented in 2013, conducted a community health survey, and spoke to local and regional officials. Currently, the municipal water authority faces challenges with the sustainability of the water source Usalama and other communities use, causing water service interruptions to Usalama despite sufficient infrastructure. Read more about the Usalama project at


Water treatment system in Yamabal, El Salvador
EWB-NY has been involved in the community for almost 5 years in what started as a sanitation project. During this time, we installed 22 latrines for families of the community, and are now working on designing a water treatment system to serve the local school and health clinic. We are in the final stages of the design, which includes a sand filter and chlorination drip system, and will provide the 250 school children with a source of clean drinking water. Our team is planning an implementation trip in the next few months to build the water treatment system, provide education on watershed management and safe hygiene practices.   Read more at

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