Matunda, Kenya

The EWB-NY Matunda, Kenya water project was active from 2007 until official transfer of ownership to the community in 2013. The total cost of the project was just under $100,000. It was completed with the generous support of donors including Parsons Brinckerhoff and Malcolm Pirnie / Arcadis. See below for more information on this successful EWB-NY endeavor!


The Matunda Health Clinic

The Matunda Health Clinic (MHC) is situated in the Matunda Market area in the Likuyani District of Kenya. The Matunda Market is an active commercial area with many small-scale traders and a large population of about 20,000 people. Water supply and sanitation are lacking in this community, and the MHC is the only medical facility in the area. It was opened in 1999 and currently includes a maternity ward and an outpatient clinic. Prior to the start of the EWB-NY Matunda project, the MHC relied on contaminated water from a hand-dug well and the Nzoia River 2 kilometers away.

The MHC Water Distribution System - EWB-NY

In January 2009, EWB-NY implemented the first of two construction trips. The first trip included the construction of a 120 meter deep well with the installation of an submersible electric pump. The clinic received water from the new well through a temporary tank on-site until the 2010 construction trip.  A health assessment was also conducted to gauge the impact of the project and the team formed a partnership with a local NGO to develop community education and training capacity.

The team’s next step was the final construction trip and a community education and training program implementation in November 2010. Construction included: a plumbing system with 15 sinks and a shower for the 3 main buildings of the MHC, a sustainable drainage system, and an 8 meter tall steel tower to hold a 10 cubic meter water tank.  In addition, a series of educational workshops were organized to train the MHC and key community members on addressing public health issues as well as how to maintain and operate the new water system.

In 2011 EWB-NY partnered with the New York University School of Public Health to implement a full scale potable water supply program monitoring and evaluation program.  The impact of the new water supply was assessed in terms of health patterns of the primary users of the supply.


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