Media From Cambodia

The following photos, video, and plans represent a snapshot of the EWB-NY Cambodia program and the community with which we partnered to make it a success.


Item 1: Local children pictured on top of an existing earthen embankment, with an irrigation canal visible at right.




Item 2: The EWB-NY concrete water gate and earthen embankment, shown during construction.




Item 3: EWB-NY members pictured atop the new concrete water gate, with both moveable steel gates open for irrigation.




Item 4: The Trav Kod reservoir shown in its full condition, with valuable rainwater being held back by the EWB-NY gate at right. Fishermen (and women) in the area utilize the reservoir for the fish it holds as well as the rice crop it helps sustain.




Item 5: Two locals return from a harvesting trip on the reservoir.



Item 6: A promotional video, put together to advertise a fundraising event for the program, contains pictures and video clips from the team's initial assessment trip to the Balang Commune.




Item 7: An aerial photo, captured by EWB-NY using novel Kite Aerial Photography, shows the project area during design of the new water gate and embankment.

 Find out more about KAP via this NBC article written about EWB-NY.




Item 8: Photos contained with the Operations & Maintenance Manual, showing the project area and new infrastructure.






Items 9 and 10: The O&M Manual contains erosion prevention and repair methods, which will be used by the community to maintain the structural integrity of the reservoir's perimeter.

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