Media from Matunda

The video below was recorded by filmmaker Tania Zapata during EWB-NY's implementation of the Matunda project. Watch for interviews with team members and a snapshot of the community itself.

The following photos and plans represent a snapshot of the EWB-NY Matunda project and what it took to make it happen.


Item 1: A 3D rendering of the Matunda Health Centre and the EWB-NY water tank.




Item 2: A schematic of the MHC and its new water distribution system.




Item 3: Elevation design drawing for the EWB-NY water tank structure, comprising a 25-foot-tall steel frame and a 10,000-liter HDPE water storage tank.




Item 4: View of a drill rig advancing a 120-meter-deep borehole in January 2009. The well was later developed in preparation for drinking water generation via a submersible electric pump.




Item 5: View of a truck-mounted crane lifting the HDPE water tank into position on Friday, November 26, 2010.




Item 6: A page from the EWB-NY Matunda Project Operations and Maintenance Plan.




Item 7: A water treatment tutorial created by EWB-NY and used during in-country workshops to reinforce safe hygiene and water handling practices in Matunda.




 Item 8: View of EWB-NY and Matunda community members.


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