Meet our members: Dan Buser!

Who are the volunteers behind the projects? 

Meet one of the newer members, of the Misuuni Potable Water Project, Dan Buser. Dan grew up in the Albany area, went to Manhattan College, and somehow ended up living in New Jersey ha. He likes sports, being outside and food. Less team sports these days and more of hikes, beach etc. 


Dan, what's your day job?

 Project Engineer for a construction management company. My first project was a $180M Hospital addition, and now I am on a program, rebuilding from Super Storm Sandy. 


What's your role in EWB?


Team Member, who has contributed to various technical aspects of the project and also helped with fundraising.

What got you started with EWB?


I wanted to help people, which is partly why I studied civil engineering. My parents raised us on their small irrigation business and "Love thy neighbor." So the irrigation made a connection for me to the basic need of water, and how people less fortunate need it. The "love thy neighbor" they invoked I feel like instilled an obligation to help those in need around us. I know I am biased but I feel super blessed to have gotten the parents I have. 

What’s your favorite thing about EWB?


Meeting and working with other people invigorated to help others. 


What’s the biggest challenge with EWB?


Time - but that was a known


How do you balance your time between your day job and volunteering with EWB?

 Time management ha. It is like anything in your weekly schedule - have to make time for it. Some weeks at work are tough and make it harder if not impossible; which is why it is great to be part of an awesome team. 


How has EWB impacted your life?

Gives a sense of fulfillment/purpose.


What would you say to people who want to get involved?

It's never going to be a perfect situation in your schedule to help out, so just do it. Technology has made it so people can get involved at greater distances. 


Complete the sentence: How much pipe would a tank pipe if a tank could pipe to a tank?

nom nom in the tum tum 


Thanks, Dan!

Donate today to help Dan and the Misuuni team bring potable water to the Misuuni community and complete this project. 

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