Meet our foreign collaborators: Festus Kavita!

Who are the volunteers behind the projects? 

Meet one of the Kenyan members, of the Misuuni Potable Water Project, Festus Kavita. Festus was born and raised in Misuuni, Kenya but moved to Nairobi, for higher education. He currently lives and works there. Festus is a recent graduate (2015) from the University of Nairobi, Civil and Construction Engineering. He has been involved in water projects with EWB as a local lead/contact for the Misuuni  group, as well as translator during their trips to Kenya. He also volunteers with the Misuuni Self Help Development Group (MSHDG) as a technical adviser.


Festus, what's your day job?

 Project Manager in Real Estate Development.


What's your role in EWB?


I serve as the local project lead and translator.

What’s your favorite thing about EWB?


The visit by the professional chapter in January 2017. Trekking around the villages taking data and doing analysis as well as getting to interact with the team. This will be one of my favorite memories for years to come.


What’s the biggest challenge with EWB?


Striking a balance between what the locals want and what is technically possible and trying to explain that to them in a sense that does not give false hope but at the same time does not discourage them. For instance, having to explain to my father, who is the chairman of the local group that the project MUST be done in phases and those phases cannot be in the order that he prefers but rather the one that works best.


How do you balance your time between your day job and volunteering with EWB?

 Late nights and short breaks, whenever I can. 


How has EWB impacted your life?

It gives my life more purpose, has broadened and deepened my world view, fostered very meaningful friendships, helped me discover a passion. It was the beginnings of inspiration for my thesis and has shown me what I can and can't do ... I could keep going!


What's next for you?

Maintaining the contacts I have made through EWB and seeing how they turn out over time.


What would you say to people who want to get involved?

It is an opportunity you would not want to miss. The impact on communities as well as the connections you make within and through EWB are so worth it!


Complete the sentence: How much pipe would a tank pipe if a tank could pipe to a tank?



Thanks, Festus!

Donate today to help Festus and the Misuuni team bring potable water to the Misuuni community and complete this project. 

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