Meet Rubaya's local Partner: Women Development Connection

Women Development Connection (WDC) is a National NGO in Rwanda, organized in 2013. WDC’s list of goals and scope of current projects include the fields of education, the environment, culture, health, human rights, and the economy.


WDC has partnered with EWB and Goodneighbors on the Rubaya Maize Processing Plant Project. WDC has been working in Rubaya on maize-farming initiatives since 2014. When Goodneighbors started out as a farming cooperative, WDC provided them with training to on managing themselves as a co-op. The scope of the Rubaya Maize Processing Plant Project includes business development among the farming cooperative. WDC will guide Goodneighbors in solid business practices appropriate for the Rwandan market, to prepare them for the anticipated expansion in business that will be complemented by the farming infrastructure that EWB will help to install.

 A WDC representative accompanied EWB-NY on our first assessment trip to Rubaya in January 2016, and we conducted a meeting together with most of the WDC staff present. WDC sends a representative to attend regular Goodneighbors meetings, and participates in monthly calls with EWB. Recently, WDC advised Goodneighbors on how to development a business plan for their cooperative’s maize production and sales. WDC is also helping EWB by collecting and analyzing data from Goodneighbors farmers regarding their seasonal maize production, and by conducting local market research on maize.


Donate today to help the Rubaya team and the WDC, complete their project. 

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