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Get_Involved_volunteer.pngYou choose to recycle, ride your bike rather than drive your car, eat organically, and turn off the lights when leaving a room. You are making small conscious decisions every day, so expand your reach and become a member of EWB-USA. Make a difference by becoming part of a nationally renowned group of volunteers that partner with those in need around the world. Our members are building bridges and reliable shelters; they are working with communities to access clean water and electricity and are utilizing their education and skill sets abroad. Become a member and change a life! What are you waiting for? Get involved with Engineers Without Borders USA today!

Paid membership with EWB-USA is required for any member of EWB-NY who travels as part of project involvement; however, getting involved with EWB-NY and helping out in NYC is free! If you would like to check us out without making a full commitment, drop by a project/committee meeting, a chapter general body meeting, or one of our many fundraisers - linked on out Events page above!

Professional Member: $100* per year
Supporting Member: $75* per year
Lifetime Member: please contact for more information
*Rates will be pro-rated the first year depending on join date


PLEASE NOTE; You will be redirected to a login page hosted by ASCE

*EWB-USA members involved with either the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) qualify for a dual membership discount. Click for more information about ASCE or ASME membership discounts.


Has your membership expired? We want you back! Renew your EWB-USA membership today so you can start building a better world today!

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