Preparation for Assessment Trip Underway…

The Usalama Water Project Team has been hard at work preparing for the assessment trip.  Unlike traditional assessment trips where little is know about the community, infrastructure, and necessities, we have been lucky to have had a previous project with the Usalama Community before.  While the EWB team was in Usalama building classrooms and a new library, they also took down some great notes of the water system which will be very helpful in our preparation.  Additionally, from the previous project, we already have contact in the community who we have been reaching out to in preparation of the trip.

Currently, the team is going through all available information on the community and the water system currently in place.  We have also been lucky enough to have former EWB members who were involved with the Usalama school project to act as advisers to this project and use their knowledge of the community.

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