The Project Team

Claire Wang- Project Team Lead

Claire Wang is a Project Manager at the Capital Projects department of Teachers College and has been involved with Engineers without Borders since 2008.  Claire’s involvement began on the design and construction of a water distribution system in Obodan, Ghana with Engineers without Borders at Columbia University, where she received her B.S. in Civil Engineering.  Claire took over the position on Project Team Lead for the Usalama Water Project in Spring of 2012.

Anh Nguyen- Co-Project Team Lead

Anh Nguyen is a Senior Consultant at EY's Construction and Real Estate Advisory Services.  She has been involved with Engineers without Borders since 2010.  Anh’s involvement began on the assessment and design of the Mathira, Kenya water project with the Orange County Professional Chapter of EWB.  Anh received her B.S. from Loyola Marymount University in Civil Engineering, her M.S. in Environmental Engineering at the UC Berkeley, and has been involved on research development of electrochemical arsenic remediation technology at UC Berkeley during her graduate studies for Bangladesh and West Bengal groundwater.  Upon moving to New York City, Anh has taken on a leadership role with the Usalama Water Project.

Marc Santos- Technical Team Lead

Marc Santos is an Environmental Engineer in the water process group at Hazen and Sawyer and has been involved with Engineers without Borders since 2007.  Marc’s involvement began as an undergraduate project lead of the EWB-Umass Amazon water project in Brazil.  He is currently serving as the Technical Team Lead for the EWB-NY Yamabal Project in El Salvador and the Usalama Water Project in Kenya.  Marc received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UMass Amherst and an M.E. in Environmental  Engineering from Manhattan College.

Judy Hodge and Katie-Sue Derejko- Public Health Leads

Katie Sue Derejko and Judy Hodge are Public Health Professionals who have been involved with Engineers without Borders since 2010, and are acting public health leads for the Usalama Water Project.  Through the  Global Health Action Network (GPHAN) based at New York University, they became involved with the EWB-NYC Professional Chapter acting as liaisons between public health and engineering, promoting inter-disciplinary teamwork. Prior to receiving their Masters of Public Health degrees from NYU, Katie-Sue received her Master’s degree in the Anthropology of Health from McMaster University and Judy received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

Dareen Salama- Team Member

Dareen is a construction manager at STV Construction Management Division with a passion  for application of technology in construction.   She received a BSc. in Construction Engineering from the American University in Cairo and a Msc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Usalama Water Project is her first project with Engineers without Borders.  Dareen is originally from Egypt and since Kenya is a neighboring country she is very motivated to make this project a success.

Patrick Farnham- Team Member

Patrick is an environmental field engineer at Langan Engineering in NYC. He studied Environmental Engineering at Cornell University for B.S. and M. Eng. Degrees in 2011. Though specializing in wastewater treatment processes, his current work involves construction oversight, environmental site analyses, remediation, and air, water, and soil sampling. He has been involved with the EWB-NY Usalama team since September of 2012 and has prior development experience with Cornell’s AguaClara project team, designing gravity-driven water treatment plants for rural Honduran communities.

Sean Ferrarini- Team Member

Sean is an Environmental Engineer in the wastewater process group at Hazen and Sawyer.  He received a B.S in Chemical Engineering and an M.E. in Environmental Engineering both from Manhattan College, where he researched corrosion inhibitors in drinking water systems.  He has been involved with the EWBNY Professional Chapter since February 2012.

Nick Rose- Team Member

Nick Rose is a Ph.D. student at Rutgers University.  He received his bachelors in Chemistry from the University of San Diego and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, where he worked on developing a system that coupled energy generation to wastewater treatment.  Nick originally got evolved with EWB at Penn State and has been involved with the NY  Professional Chapter since July 2012.

Mary Sue Castillo- Treasurer

Mary Sue is an experienced  business professional.  She has 22 years of not-for-profit finance that includes budgeting, managment of government contracts, finding funding for community programs, internal auditing, software support/system administrator, and full cycle bookkeeping.

Her for-profit experience started in 2005 when she joined an award winning international engineering firm.  As part of a top notch accounting team she helped streamline accounting procedures and create policies that enabled them to increase and grow into much sought after engineering firm.  She now works as the Accounting Coordinator at Grant Engineering and part time at Langan International in Elmwood Park office with the accounting team.

Usalama Primary School Expansion Team:

The Usalama Primary School Expansion Team finished building 4 new classrooms and a library for the community in 2010.  This has provided the community with smaller class sizes, better lighting and ventilation, and a better learning environment.  These members have all moved on from the project, however, through there hard work and relationships they made, the Usalama Water Project has been made possible.

Charles Newman, Project Lead, Architect


Matt Sisul, Civil Engineer |   Avi Guter, Structural Engineer

Preston Vineyard, Technical Lead

Danielle Miley, Environmental Designer | Sole Mendez, Architect | Dana Kaplan, Enviro. Engineer
| |


Joe Mulligan, Civil Engineer | Jenn Cass, Enviro. Engineer | Sahar Ghaheri, Industrial Designer
| |
  Grayson Jordan, Architect | Scott Snelling, Water | PLMatt Barber, Health Point Person
|  | 

Antonio Salvador, Architect | Andrea Manetti, GOAL Manager | Karen Brodsky, Mwikali’s Gift

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