Travel team returns to Usalama!

At last, we’re returning to Usalama to complete our project!

As we touched on in our last post, we were checking in with the community to find out about progress by KIMAWASCO on their supply line (from which our new system will draw water from), which had not been performing as designed.

Over the last couple of weeks however, we’ve heard good news from Usalama that our new system has been connected to the KIMAWASCO supply line, and that water seemed to be flowing well into our new tank and through our pipes.  When water makes it to all of the kiosks, and the community is receiving treated water, our project is complete.

And so, our team: Anh Nguyen, Jack Naidoo, and Nolan Mazur will be heading to Usalama this Saturday. Over their one week trip, they will be assessing the system and making sure it is finally complete per our design, and facilitating workshops for the water system maintenance team as well as the community.

Thank you for your support so far – this is the big final push for the project!

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