Update from Kenya

The EWB-NY Usalama team is continuing to work on the ground in Kenya,
heading toward what we hope will be a successful conclusion to our
current implementation trip! Matt Sisul and Charly Bertran represented
the first shift of engineers to work in Usalama this September. On the
10th of the month, they were joined by Jack Naidoo. Charly, Jack, and
Matt worked with community members to complete the floor slab of the
new water tank, repair elephant-damaged pipe, and begin the trenching
of new pipeline (as detailed in our previous post).

Charly and Matt are now back in the States, but Jack represents the
transition to the next shift: Claire Wang, Marc Santos, and Patrick
Farnham, who arrived in Nairobi on the 14th and then traveled to
Kibwezi in order to stay closer to Usalama. The team of four is
currently coordinating the trenching of the final pipeline stretches,
as well as completing the final courses of the circular masonry wall
of the new tank. Community leader Jackson is using the team’s surveyed
measurements of the system to order additional pipe, fittings,
concrete, rebar, and assorted tools to keep the operation moving and
all hands busy.

Preliminary reports from the local water authority indicate the
possibility of the new pressurized government pipeline working as
early as the end of the month, which could affect the choice of pump
used as a booster in the system. EWB team members will meet with the
Kenya Power company tomorrow in order to plan for a possible
electricity hookup near the first Usalama water Kiosk, which would
greatly simplify the installation and use of a pump. Everyone involved
with project remains optimistic, driven, and ready to work toward our
shared goal!

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