Update from the Rubaya Team

The Rubaya Maize project will cost around USD$100k.

We will first build a storage facility to allow the community to sell high quality maize, then after a few years we will build a processing plant to allow the community to manufacture maize flour.


Pretty exciting right? We thought so too!

Then we were faced with the realities of an international development project, which is how little funding there is available to go around.

In 2016, our team focused our energy on preparing for Phase 1, which is to build the maize storage facility. We completed the technical analysis and were then focusing on getting the money. We hosted fundraisers, which included a silent auction, donation drive and happy hour. We applied for grants with varying degrees of success. And yet we were nowhere near reaching the amount that was necessary.

Ask any project engineer and he/she will tell you that nothing ever goes as planned. This project was no exception. Even though we had the technical expertise, the lack of funding meant that we had to re-evaluate the scope of our project.

During the first assessment trip, the community showed us an existing building that was unused due to its deteriorating infrastructure. So perhaps this could be feasible?

And after revisiting the technical photos we took, we concluded that we can indeed rehabilitate the building! Naturally, we discussed with the community and despite the disappointment with the stepping back, they were receptive of the idea - in fact, they had suggested it already in the past.

With the backing of the community and the greenlight from EWB-USA, we assessed the financial needs to rehabilitate the building and our decision is that it was within reach. Thus in order to implement this plan in January 2018, we started to prepare: we will to raise a few more thousand dollars, which is about fifty thousand less than the original plan, and we need to submit the necessary reports to Headquarters.

We finally have a heading, after months of scrambling around for solutions!

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