Usalama Water Project Taking Off!!!

After a few months of reorganizing to prepare for the next phase, the Usalama Water Project Team is at full throttle!  We have has a lot of new new faces join our team, bringing in new and unique ideas as well as fresh energy.  Our former project lead, Monica Louie, has also moved on as she has accepted an engineering position in Washington, D.C.  We are thankful for all her time and effort she put into making this project possible.  She has left our team in a great position to push forwards to a successful project.

Claire Wang has stepped up to lead the Water Project.  We have a diverse team made up of engineers, architects, accountants, and more.  Additionally, we have added a Public Health team that will be vital for the next phase of this project.  Having involvement from team members with these various backgrounds is going to be a great asset for this project.

We are currently holding bi-weekly meetings with the whole team as well as meetings amongst smaller groups in the team as necessary.  Our schedule has us aiming at an assessment trip in mid-January and we are working towards preparing for this trip.  Our preparation prior to going to the community will help make the trip as informative and helpful as possible.  This trip will involve assessing the current water system, which does not deliver water to the whole community, gathering vital information through topographical surveying and health assessments, and, perhaps most importantly, reconnecting with the community.  We will then be able to develop a plan for improving the water system.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our project team please contact us at:

Look back to this blog for project updates and introductions of our team members. Lots will be happening and we will make sure to update our progress!

Claire Wang, Usalama Water Project Lead

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