Usalama Water Team Wraps up Assessment 01-11-13

Hello again, everyone!

We’ve wrapped up our last day here in Usalama and have some lingering tasks before making the trek home to New York. Major tasks completed this week include:

1. surveying key portions along the pipeline and potential new water system (proposed tank at the high point within Usalama to tap into the new government-sponsored water line from Umani Springs),
2. troubleshooting the non-functioning kiosks within the community (kiosk 3 and 5 are non-operational),
3. meeting with key officials and personnel at the community and district level to assess any issues currently affecting our proposed solutions for the system,
4. interviewing key health committee members and workers as well as visiting local clinics and pharmacies for the community health assessment.

We’ve made a lot of progress and are excited to share what we’ve seen when we return so we can move into the next phase – implementation.

Anh Nguyen
Project Co-lead

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