We're Back!

After a great trip to Usalama, our travel team has returned to New York City!  We are very excited about the trip and think that it was a great success!  Last week we had a meeting with the whole Usalama Project Team to get everyone up to speed on the assessment trip and figure out our goals moving forward. 

Our plan is to now break off into our specific groups (design, health assessment, etc.) and get going!  We will continue to hold bi-weekly meetings with the whole team to track our progress and update the team on how each group is doing.  Below is just a sample of the MANY pictures our team took while in Usalama.  Keep checking back to check on our progress with a goal of returning to Kenya for an implementation trip in the late summer.


Umani Springs


Villagers filling jerricans


Dareen surveying


Marc, testing the water


A water distribution kiosk


Judy in a meeting

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