Where: Yamabal



Yamabal (Red Star above) is a mainly rural municipality in Morazán, the poorest and most war-torn department of El Salvador. The effects of the 12-year civil war are still very evident, even nearly two decades after the peace accords were signed in 1992. In addition, the community has been impacted by several natural disasters in recent years, including a category 5 Hurricane Mitch in 1998, a 7.7 and a 6.6 magnitude earthquakes in January and February 2001, respectively. Furthermore, education opportunities are limited, as most communities currently only have direct access to primary education, with a few high schools scattered throughout the municipality and very limited higher education opportunities.  Literacy rates are low, especially amongst adults above the age of 30. Most people’s livelihoods are centered on farming, which pays five dollars a day. Many families rely on financial assistance from the Salvadoran government to make ends meet. People here feel forgotten, and evidence to suggest this is clear. Many people lack basic necessities such as latrines, access to clean water, electricity and transportation.




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